Dewey Hertzberg Levy Commercial Forensic Attorneys have a team comprised of attorneys, chartered accountants and forensic specialists able to investigate and uncover relevant evidence and financial information, to support attorneys countrywide.

Matters in which our services can assist include:

LABOUR MATTERS –Conduct forensic investigations to produce evidence to reliably support attorneys in disciplinary inquiries the CCMA, labour councils or in Court.

  • Forensic investigations in labour matters often uncover unexpected evidence of misconduct.


COMMERCIAL CRIMES – Investigate, determine and quantify all aspects arising from fraud, money laundering, theft, bribery, corruption, and all white collar crimes.

  • Assistance and advice can also be provided to Attorneys on prosecution and recovery.


TENDER AND PROCUREMENT IRREGULARITIES – Investigation of tenders and procurement policy compliance to find instances of irregular tender processes, breach of internal purchasing policies and supplier overcharge.

  • The evidence obtained can be used by attorneys in contractual disputes.


MATRIMONIAL AND MAINTENANCE – Analysis of financial disclosures and asset valuation, lifestyle audit and the audit of assets, valuation and assessment of liquidity of spouse.

  • Providing of in-depth reports to specialist family lawyers.


Valuation of companies, quantify amounts in liquidation matters and insolvency enquiries, reckless trading and due diligence

  • This helps attorneys in liquidation, insolvency enquiries and dispute resolution.

We are able to examine computers, cellphones and hard-drives to recover and analyse all relevant information and all electronic data for judicial purposes often even if it has been deleted, and are able to maintain the integrity the data so as to ensure that it is admissible.